Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Criticizing, Judging, & Hypocrites

Three things on my mind - Criticizing, Judging, & Hypocrites. The first two topics relate to Kanye West, who is being hospitalized for a mental disorder as well as being a danger to himself. For those who are not aware of this:

1.) Criticizing: 

Back in 2009, I started Kyle's Muzak Corner to review music. I wanted to originally have an internet review show similar to Doug Walker's Nostalgia Critic. Many critics such as Walker review a subject such as movies with heavily complaints. Which is fine we all are entitled to our own opinion. 

I personally wanted to stay away from criticizing music on Kyle's Muzak Corner. Instead I wanted to share music I liked. Avoid all music I don't like. Even with that original goal set, I still became a victim of criticizing music that I don't like such as Kanye West. From that criticizing came a strong dislike for Kanye. Now where I crossed a line is laughing at him when he is going through something very serious. Which I did. 

2.) Judging: 

Judging might be the wrong word here for my second topic. If it is my apologizes. I'm sticking with it. 

I feel like I've crossed a line by judging Kanye West. I became very judgmental of Kanye after the Taylor Swift incident at Video Music Awards (VMAs)where he jumped on stage during her acceptance speech. I felt like he was rude and I stopped taking him serious. 

I thought he was a joke when in fact he is human. He is a human being. A celebrity who we think it is okay to bash sometimes. No regardless of his status, he is still a human. As a human Kanye is going to make mistakes. As a human he is going to get sick. Mental illness is a concerning illness. That isn't always treated that way. 

I'm not going to start criticizing or judging if a lot of people don't treat mental illness with respect. What I will say is mental illnesses can range from small to big. This illness is battle everyday in your head. Medicine can help, but that requires finical security. Both types of health are important - Mental & Physical.

3.) Hypocritical:

Originally this last statement was going to be forgiveness. I was going to talk about Taylor Swift and Kanye West forgiving each other. Though I want to write about how I am someone who is a hypocrite.

I'm a hypocrite for not liking church due to people possibly judging me and criticizing me. I dislike that I am this way, but I feel that sometimes I'm not welcomed. Though that is a mental related issue for another day. What I will say is this that mental issue has caused me to be hypocrite and hesitant in going to church.

Back to me being a hypocrite. I feel like a hypocrite to church for quickly judging a whole community of people just because I felt judged and not welcomed after past mistakes. I felt I should be forgiving, but forgiveness isn't something you are owed. It is a gift.

Being a hypocrite towards a mass of Christians is wrong. Judging and criticizing any Religion or Race due to history or current events is wrong. I feel bad treating people this way. I'm going to work harder on treating people better. First starting with Kanye West.