Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking Back at 2012

So before 2012 ends, I want to take a look back at some of my favorite and not so favorite moments this year. So pull up a chair, grasp your favorite beverage, and take a seat.
You might want to strap in, there will be turbulence.

So at the beginning of this year, I was about to turn 25. I was still living in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I just had a good Christmas in 2011. Got to see the majority of my relatives. I was really happy about that. Also I started an Instagram account.

So at the end of January, I had an awesome time celebrating my birthday with my friends in New Orleans at Wizard World. Got to meet Doug Jones and Adam Baldwin. Plus we saw the new Underworld movie. Amazing by the way and I'm currently watching it.

I also had a great dinner with my grandparents at Red Lobster. Plus I got to purchase some movies.

After my Birthday, we had inventory at work. That was a fun and interesting experience. For those of you reading and didn't I was working at Bed Bath & Beyond at the time. I had my year review on Feb. 3rd.

It was around early February or the Monday after the Super Bowl that I started three weeks of inventory. My favorite moment during that time was spending a week in Meridian, MS with my friend Nathan McPhail.

Also around that time I got to see Fuel with Venrez. Amazing show.

In late March, I started a blog writing movie reviews but put those on the back burner since they became hard to type up vs watching a movie. I posted my last review in May.

I'm proud of the reviews I typed but something else was brewing in the back of my mind. A short movie called The Return of Carl Hughes. One of my favorite things I have ever done. Plus I had a my friend/co-worker Josh help with a scene. thanks again Josh!!

I did all the artwork and the editing. Filmed the majority of the project.

Now for those of you, who don't know Carl Hughes is a character I created in the December of 2009 for Random Ninja Attack's web series Power On.

He started out as the evil Kyle but grew into the anti Hero and just a fun character.


The Art of One released a podcast during the summer updating everyone on our current status after a year and a half.

Also in May, my co-worker/friend Shelly retired from Bed Bath & Beyond and headed northwest to Montana with her husband and all of their animals. It was sad to see her go.

I would be moving myself later in the summer, I'll get to that later.

In June I finished filming/editing The Return of Carl Hughes but the movie wasn't finished until August when I got the scene filmed by my RNA co-creator/friend Eric Hesselberg.

Before the movie was released I entered a contest to get my artwork used in the CD booklet of a new side project of members of Alter Bridge/Creed/Tremonti/Sevendust know as Projected. I got two submissions of four into the CD booklet. It was a important moment for me.

In July after giving Bed Bath & Beyond notice I was moving. I moved the week before I moved I started posted my daily Song of the Day on a Monday.

I also had a going away party with my friends who are truly amazing.
Sean, Nathan, Heather, and Dave.

My mom, my siblings, and I packed up my belongings. And headed to Houston on July 14.

It has been hard since I left that day, but I keep moving forward to bigger and better things. Before staying in Waco. I enjoyed some off time with my family. Vacation. It was my first week off since I started with Bed Bath & Beyond in 2011. Anyway I had a blast with my siblings.

In August I started living in Waco. I started working again at Bed Bath & Beyond. Scheduled a doctor's appointment that helped me discover that I don't have sleep apnea.

Soon school started up again for me after I finished editing and uploaded The Return of Carl Hughes.
I was starting school for drafting which I discovered wasn't for me. I also got see the band 10 Years with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

I got to go to Wizard World in Austin where I got Sir Patrick Stewart and Eliza Dushku's signatures. Went to some Q&As as well. I had a blast going with my brother Kellen and Aunt Kathy.

In November, my friend Eric Hesselberg married his fiancé Ashley.

And after the Thanksgiving holidays, final exams. I made 3 As and a C. Then the Christmas holiday season and now it is New Years Eve.

Hope everyone has a fantastic New Year!

- Kyle Sullivan