Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stone Sour at Hurricane Harry's with Papa Roach

So on February 5th, I went to College Station home of the Aggies to see Stone Sour for the first time. I also had a VIP pass to meet the band. For those of you who don't know Corey Taylor has been very influential these past few years. Pretty much my favorite vocalist and lyric writer.

Now a days getting into a venue is extremely difficult and a lot waiting. The ticket lines were ridiculously. I'm glad I got out of car and waited at Hurricane Harry's when I did. Thank GOD for the iPOD. I plugged in and listened to Chris Hardwick and The Nerdiest Podcast. Now I mention this because it will relate to one of the songs played by Stone Sour.

So like I said waiting. After you get into venue. One must wait and find a place to stand. Now since I was on the VIP list I had to get the pass before the show was over, according the lady at the merch table. So I got my pass after Papa Roach's Set. This concert I stood in many different areas.

For the opening act Otherwise, I stood on the right side of the stage. Overall I enjoyed Otherwise. They were entertaining. Though I've heard many bands like them. I mean I never heard of them and I was able to guess the next drum fill during one of their original songs. They are stationed out of Las Vegas but have family ties to Texas. The most entertaining part of Otherwise's performance was the bass player who was hooked up with a wireless input. So he came out and stood on these railings made to set your beverages on. It was pretty cool to see him do that. I also enjoyed their cover of Rage Against the Machines' Killing In The Name!

So after Otherwise, Papa Roach came on. The songs from the newer albums were good. I haven't listened to them because I'm selective on what I purchase. When I was watching Papa Roach, I thought I was back in Hattiesburg for a moment. They were the last national rock band that I know of that came to Hattiesburg. The last national act at The Bottling Company.

For Papa Roach, I was on the left side of the stage. I'm glad I was because Jacoby walked around the whole venue during the song Lifeline. He then did the a dive into the crowd to crowd surf back to the stage for the last two songs. By the way there was a lot of crowd surfing going on.

After I got my VIP pass, I got back into the crowd to find a place to watch Stone Sour. I got a little closer on the left side of stage. Now this show was awesome and entertaining Josh Rand's guitar skills were phenomenal. James "Jim" Root played just as phenomenal. Roy Mayorga was superb on the drums. Then Johnny Chow added a very warm sounding bass that completed the the overall music sound of Stone Sour. Then there was Corey Taylor. He gets better every time. His wife Stephanie would hand him bottles of water that he would keep pouring on us. One of them actually actually hit the light and bounced back and hit someone. Corey made sure he didn't hurt the person. He made sure everyone was having a good time. Now he wasn't sure how the venue was going to fit everyone, but after seeing everyone squeezed in there was no doubt.

Now thanks to the place crowded it was hot and sweated which Corey mentioned after took of his shirt. Later Roy did the same. And they gave each other a fist bump.

Okay so the Set List for Stone Sour:
Gone Sovereign
Absolute Zero
Mission Statement
Hell & Consequences
Digital (Did You Tell) - Before this song was played Corey mentioned how society doesn't unplug and how we have our faces in front of screens. I believe he is right. Though most of the things I do take place at computer. Editing photos, doing layouts, editing video, and even recording music can take place in front of a digital screen. Though it is not to have the device for certain things like looking up facts or listening to a Podcast. I could say more but this isn't the right place. So onward...

Made of Scars
A Rumor Of Skin
Say You'll Haunt Me
Nutshell (Alice In Chains)
Superstitious (Stevie Wonder)
Through Glass
The Travelers, Part 2
Last Of The Real

Then as the band bowed a recording of They're Coming to Take Me Away (Napoleon XIV)

There was no real encore so afterwards, I waited to meet the band. The VIP thing that was fulfilled was a picture with the band. I got a picture with individual members. It was hard to get a photo with all of them. Though I was happy about the ones I got. I talked to all of them.

Josh Rand talked about House of Gold & Bones, Part 2. He mentioned that it would be like a movie soundtrack and very experiential. He said James and him used very heavy gauge strings almost bass like.

James Root was very nice to meet. I told him I was following him on Instagram. He was very humorous.

Johnny Chow is funny. I talked to him about the bass. And he said thank you for laughing at his jokes.

Roy talked about Drums. Imagine that. He mentioned something about it being a long day. I said it was.

That's when they were wrapping things up so I had to hurry and get my last signature from Corey. I talked to Corey for a second but I'm glad I got to meet him and get a photo with him. Part of my bucket list is crossed off. His wife made sure I was able to well lit photo which reminded me of Dave and I at a Third Eye Blind. I think if that band tours again near Dave, I'll make sure he gets a better lit photo.

I think it was good I didn't ask Corey a lot. My only question can wait until latter because most of my questions have been answered online through interviews (written, audio, or video) and in his book. I didn't really know anything about the other guys. So it was nice to get to know the other guys.

Overall awesome night right. Plus I told someone I would have extra fun for them. I'm glad I made the decision to do the meet and greet. Best Birthday present to myself yet. Also I would like to thank my parents again for purchasing my ticket as part of my birthday present.

The event that followed was not so fun. I get back to my car. Ready to leave, but to be stopped by a police officer. I was confused at first. Anyway my passenger side view mirror was dangling. Apparently someone drunk decided to damage my car and some others . I'm just happy I thought of a solution that night to go get tape to keep the mirror from dangling. I would like to thank Wal-Mart for being open 24 hours!

I'm glad I was able to make another A on a test, I didn't get a lot of time to study for because it is my last class and had another assignment to do. Not only that. My favorite design was selected out of the six I had to turn in.

So I guess what I am saying is remain positive and keep your chin up. It gets better. Which is why I like Corey Taylor's music. It helped me deal with life and realize that I can only do what I can do. As long as I do that then no other opinions should mater.

Photos from the event. No particular order: