Monday, December 30, 2013

ALBUM REVIEW: SROS Lords - 'For Gas and Vinyl' - EP

SROS Lords is a three piece punk band hailing from Detroit, Michigan.
 The band consists of Morgan on Guitars & Vocals, Jamie on Drums, and Cait on Synth.

This Urinal Cake Records' artist released their new EP ‘For Gas and Vinyl' this past October.  The EP showcases a synthesizer sound fused with punk.  Now I don’t usually listen to this style rock music, but thanks to the synthesizers and hints of alternative rock I was able to find the music very enjoyable. 

Morgan's guitar & vocals compliment Cait's synth parts very nicely.  Jamie's drums provide a nice groove.  SROS Lords definitely show that they have developed a tight sound after starting in 2010.

Overall I found this to be a solid EP.  One of my favorite tracks was "Jesse's Girl" and no it isn't a cover of the 1981 hit by Rick Springfield.  "The End" is another track I favored off this EP.  It is actually my favorite song of 'For Gas and Vinyl’.  The theme of lyrics in this song are very apocalyptical.  This song goes well with the science fiction like sound the band has created.  The overall sound on the EP reminds me of early Blink-182 fused with the Tom DeLonge's Angel & Airwaves.

If you like rock music, SROS Lords has definitely created an EP that is worth checking out.  I hope they will continue to create music.

Here is a link to check out SROS Lords' EP:

These are the thoughts of Kyle Sullivan for Kyle’s Muzak Corner