Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Confederate flag doesn't represent what you think it means. Unless you know that it represents the South - the former Confederacy nation. The Confederate nation prior to the Civil War made a flag to represent their union. Most people mistakenly think that the sole basis of the Civil War was slavery. Wrong. It was fought on the bases on how to run businesses of the nation. The North wanted to run factories up North meanwhile grow different sorts of crops in the South. Meanwhile the South wanted to have some factories in the South so that businesses could be quickly across the board. Slavery was a part of the war, but not necessarily the sole purpose of the war. Abraham Lincoln did abolished slavery during the war, which probably was why we remember slavery during this time.

Now people still feel threaten by this image similar to another flag of another country 70+ years later. If you don't know the flag in which I speak of, then type in the phrase "World War II" in your search engines. I'm sure you'll find eventually. So what is the sole problem at hand here. There isn't one. The problem with the United States of America and probably the whole world is people. Some people just don't understand or want to understand others. While I was growing up in Asia, I was surrounded by other cultures. Also I've been to several kinds of churches growing up (Methodist/Baptist/Catholic). So I'm very accepting of others. This is a trait I want to pass down to my kids.

So how does America/World solve this problem? There is no cookie cutter way around it. We still are going to have wars and other issues. People haven't been getting along for thousands of years. We get frustrated fairly easy and our moods change on a daily basis. Somedays we are happy. Somedays we are sad. Somedays we are mad.

Okay I'm not sure where I was going with that, but one solution to this problem is people need to get out of this "What are you going to do to help me?" state of mind. Get up and work for it. I personally though find it hard to do this. I currently get up and go make a wage that I don't think is truly fair, but I do. I treat it as the job I want, but it gets hard especially when it isn't a fair wage for service I provide. Though there are people who don't even try to do what I'm doing and they succeed more.

I wasn't expecting to to write this this morning. I never even thought about this stuff until I saw it EVERYWHERE on social media. I'm tired of viewing this stuff on social media. I love and I hate social media. I love it, because one of my close friends met his wife via Facebook. Also on a personal note, I was able to keep up a classmate via Facebook who is now my girlfriend. Though I do hate Facebook somedays because it become addicting.

Mostly I use Facebook a lot to keep up with music news. ReverbNation and SoundCloud are both cool, but not every artist in the world uses these social media sites. Most bands stop updating websites or even having a website due to growth of Facebook. Though there are a few artists out there who don't have a Facebook page, but the trend is to have a Facebook page. Somedays I wish there was another music Social Media site.

Until then I'll dream in color, while you'll live in black and white.