Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello...I'm back. I brought Fuel for the fire.

I joined blogger, but left. Why am I back? Answer to keep my word with KB's Muzak Corner which will now be called Kyle's Muzak Corner. I have never really gone under the name KB around people except for Random Ninja Attack. I will continue to do so for the show, but not for Muzak Corner. Also The Art of One is going strong. We have four ideas going. I have a song idea that I need to show Dave next time during practice. I kinda of want to work on the lyrics before I show him those. Also musically I'm working on a theme song for Random Ninja Attack. I recorded drums for it during spring break. Which may have been my last spring break folks. The drums I recorded are rough but close to what I was thinking.

As far Muzak Corner, I want to write a weekly blog about music I have been listening to and music I think you as music fans should go check out immediately. Right now for the past couple of days I have been listening to Fuel. They recently been having problems ever since their 2003 release of Natural Selection. Kevin Miller, the drummer left in 2005. His shoes would be filled by Tommy Stewart (ex-Godsmack drummer, Lo-Pro drummer). Brett Scallions would leave shortly after Kevin in 2006. Brett would go on to play bass for The X's and then Circus Diablo. Then would go on to front Riders on the Storm. A band started by Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of The Doors with Ty Dennis on drums and Phil Chen on bass. Then in late 2009, Brett Scallions rejoined Jeff Abercrombie from Fuel to form Re-Fueled. Brett and Jeff basically wanted to play classic Fuel songs together again. For Fuel in 2006 they would go on to search for a new singer. Carl Bell and Jeff found Toryn Green. They released a album in 2007 called Angels & Devils. So it has been a struggle for Fuel these past 7 years.

In 2010, Brett announced that Jeff wanted to stay home and not tour anymore. So for Re-Fueled, Brett recruited Brad Stewart (ex-Shinedown bassist) on bass. Also in the band Re-Fueled are Yogi (ex-Buckcherry guitarist) and Ken Schalk on drums. Just 10 days ago Brett announced that this new band would be going on a World Tour going under the name Fuel. Brett said Carl had the chance so why not him. Brett has also been working on a solo album. So I hope that comes out one day. I like the new lineup for Re-Fueled. Also I have supported Kevin, Carl, Jeff, and Brett every since they had gone their separate ways. I hope Carl and Brett make up. Carl should continue Fuel with Brett again. Bring Yogi, Ken, and Brad to Fuel and continue to make great music. Yes Fuel would have three guitarist since Brett plays every once in awhile, but Virgos Merlot had three guitarist. Why not Fuel? I don't know what will happen with Fuel, but I hope that Brett and Carl will continue to make music. I know Brett has made some music because just recently he release a track called "Something to Believe" with the group Hollow and Ken Wallace.

Away from Fuel. I have been listening to lots of music recently. Some bands I recommend to yall are the following The Limousines, Shaman's Harvest, and the latest Kiss album. On my last video segment entitled KB's Muzak Corner. I mention two releases I would talk about one being Kiss's Sonic Boom. The band has some new members. It reminds me of this Fuel situation except without some drama. It is cool though. Kiss recorded some new songs along with re-doing some of their classic hits which really interested me. It came out in October of last year. Another album the came out last year was Shaman's Harvest's Shine. It is the fourth album by the band and contains the hit song "Dragonfly". Which has been doing well on the Rock Alternative Charts. I was introduced to them by my cousin. The last album I recommend you music listeners to go check out is The Limousines' Scrapbook - EP. It came out around November/December of last year. I have know about this band since Eric Victorino had left the band Strata in 2008. The Limousines are an Electro-Pop band that have songs that simple song meanings that are straight to the point. They had a single called "Very Busy People" come out before hand that was only released digitally that will explain what I mean. Plus it is an interesting song. I recommend this albums since they may be something different that you need right now in your life.

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