Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kyle's Muzak Corner - Episode 31: Comic Con

So I attended my first every Comic Con called Wizard World in New Orleans. I thought I would make it special by filming. I even got up during the Q & A with James Marsters. That will be forever memorable. With the help of my friends Dave and Sean, we talked about our experience and played a trick on Carl. It was fun and exciting trip. Anyway enjoy :)


  1. Impressive... Most impressive. A great, though short, vlog style episode. Not what I expected, but again, you and I have different film styles. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I especially like the bit with Carl arriving. I wish there was a bit more though. I wish I had gone! We would have had so much fun. I really need to set aside some time to just drive down and hang out or something. Film stuff and catch up. I recommend continuing in this style of video. I think you've found your niche, my friend.

  2. I appreciate the kind words Beanie! It would be nice to hang out and film something. it feels like it has been longer than a year even though it has not been a year. Thanks again. This is one of my favorite Muzak Corner episodes.