Monday, April 16, 2012

Update (April 16th, 2012)

Hello world of Blogger, Myspace, Twitter, and finally Facebook.

As this weekend of April 13th (4 pm) to April 16th (8 am) is almost coming to a close, I decided to write this blog for many reasons.

I felt this blog was needed to those that read my stuff, who are mostly my friends. Anyway I decided to write about this weekend to let you all know I will not be posting my status as much on Twitter & Facebook. Though I'll still be there to connect with you and etc. I won't be taking down my Facebook account. I feel like I don't get as much out of posting statuses as I used to. I will continue to use Instagram, which the new way of taking pictures. I have a lot of fun taking photos via Instagram.

Overall this past weekend I felt God's presence even though this weekend was mostly bad. You see I have had every weekend off for the most part. Though that is all the time I have off. It is 48 hours of my life to take a break. To relax. To reflect. To over think as some people say I do. Though I do tend to play my guitar or bass a lot during the weekend. I also catch up on all my phone games, which I will continue to play and do as best as I can do. Anyway feeling God's presence was soothing. If you read my statuses I posted via Twitter Saturday night: "I love you God! Thank you."

The reason for this tweet came Saturday. I felt God giving me comfort even though I'm not sure what I'll be doing, where I'll be going, and when I'm going. With that said I also thought about all my past projects and current ideas going on in my head. Which leads to my last two reasons for writing this. The first one dealing with Muzak Corner.

As you can all see I'm writing this here on my Muzak Corner blog. No this doesn't mean Muzak Corner is going to be happening again. I don't see Muzak Corner happening again review wise in the foreseeable future even though I did write my thoughts about Guns N' Roses Saturday morning. I wrote that entry because I felt lead to write it and for the reasonings mentioned in that particular entry. Though over this week I have thought about reviewing music again for Muzak Corner. I still don't see it happening since the demand of my reviews was never there in my eyes. Though what I got from the Muzak Corner Videos was acting and telling a story via moving images. There is a possibility for one last story to be told for Muzak Corner. Plus this Blog is for anything I feel that is personal or for things not related to my Movie Review Blog.

So why I'm writing this blog here? Why not on my Movie Review Blog? The reason I wrote on here instead of my Movie Review Blog was because this blog is still my personal blog. So with that said, I have notes for my movie reviews that I need to write. I will write and finish them. I just need to do it, but I have stuff I wanted to do before getting back to those. Though over this weekend. I decided to say screw it. I'm going to record some of my music ideas that I was saving until I got caught up. Which I did record some stuff. So why not say screw it again and finish my reviews. Well I am. I need to finish reorganizing upstairs since I moved a lot of my stuff around this weekend and get the house straighten for any potential buyers. Then I'm going to focus on finishing all my past reviews leading up to the movie I watched this weekend.

I apologize that I got behind on those. I may continue to write about personal stuff on this Blog and I may not.

As always thanks for reading,

Kyle Sullivan

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